$30 per hour, or $100 prepaid for 4 sessions (Save $20)

All lessons are prepaid after first visit.

Payment by check to ROBERT HALE, or cash for EXACT AMOUNT, or PayPal to

(Use FAMILY AND FRIENDS for no fees)

Payment due on last lesson for the coming new sessions.

Payment reserves your time. There is no opportunity for make-up.

Greater than 24-hour notice to cancel is credited forward. 


Student to bring all materials, charts, and instruments in good condition.

Student to practice at least 15 minutes per day, 6 days per week.

Student may record parts of lesson for home study. 


Call or text as soon as you know you are unable to meet for your appointment. Please leave a message. Voice / Text  480-720-8897

Continue lessons as long as it is enjoyable and we are reaching your goals. Please give one week notice to withdraw so others may be scheduled from the waiting list.

Payment represents agreement with these terms.

remote learning

When distance and travel are a challenge, webcam video chat is the solution. The Duke has coached students in 3 states and 2 foreign countries. 

video chat

The Learning Environment

My Philosophy

I believe you will enjoy studying music with me.    

RULE #1: We have fun!  

RULE #2: We move toward your goals. 

There are some basic skills each player should acquire, but beyond that, let’s make your music experience more rewarding, more satisfying!    

There are so many effective tools for music training! 

EXPERIENCE the satisfaction of playing along with live acoustic guitar  

ACHIEVE perfect soulful timing with digital drum kit   

LEARN to hear the smooth blend texture of Just Intonation  

HEAR your live “recital” instantly from digital voice recorder  

SEE your bluesy bend notes accurately with large analog display meter   

Getting to know some Aspergers and special-needs students has been particularly rewarding, as well.    

I work from my home in Mesa, Arizona, with easy access from the 60 freeway. 

The Method

10 Reasons to Study with a Music Teacher

 …what you can’t get from a book or CD  

10. Achieve rapid progress with commitment to a regular schedule  

9. Imitate what I play in call and response 

8. Play to the drum machine and learn perfect timing  

7. Hear yourself played back instantly on a digital recorder 

6. CD’s can’t slow down to match your ability, but I can with guitar  

5. Develop ear training, follow progressions, and recognize intervals  

4. Take home selected rhythm tracks for practice  

3. How to use drills and skills within your own free-style playing  

2. Get ready for the JAM and prepare for the BAND 

And the NUMBER ONE reason  

1. Your personal cheer-leader (I’m a lot more fun than a book/CD!)     


Specifically for Harmonica: 

a. Solutions and remedies, particularly note bending 

b. Exposure to alternate tunings 

c. Learn repair and fine-tuning